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Who is Arise?
Arise is the only home-shoring organization in the United States whose business model depends on people just like you: entrepreneurial self-starters who have a desire to manage their own time and workload. Thousands of Independent Business Owners have affiliated with Arise, because we make it easy to find rewards for your hard work, service well-known brands, and balance your career with your personal life – all from the convenience of your home office.


What does the work involve?
You will choose the client you wish to service. The work typically consists of taking inbound calls involving customer service. There can be an element of sales involved. There are some opportunities for technical support roles as well. Current opportunities are visible on the Arise portal during the Admissions process. Opportunity announcements are also sent out via email to those who have completed Admissions. Please take a look at these in detail before expressing interest, as they will give you further information about client specific certification classes and an idea of the kind of work involved with the specific client.


Where can I find the Workstation Requirements?


Employee or Contractor?​
We hire new CSP’s as Independent Contractors only. We offer all the support of a traditional employer. Being a 1099 Independent Contractor allows you to have true schedule flexibility and control. 


How many hours will I work per week?
When you choose to work,  You set your own hours! The minimum requirement can be as low as 15 hours per week, but this will vary from client to client. For some client applications the minimum is 20 hours or more per week. Some clients might also require that a small amount of hours be serviced at weekends.


Can I service multiple clients at the same time?
​Many CSPs are certified and service the calls for multiple clients. However the CSP cannot enroll on two client certification courses at the same time and can only service one client per interval.


How long before my company can start servicing Arise client programs?
Upon successful completion of the Admissions Process, including successfully earning your Client Support Professional Certification, your next step will be to enroll in the client certification course of your choice. Client courses may take as little as 3 weeks or as long as 8 weeks to complete depending on the client program selected.


How long does it take to complete the Admissions Process?
The Admissions process is self-paced and can be completed in as little as five days!


What is an IBO?
IBO stands for Independent Business Owner. An Independent Business Owner is simply a person who owns an incorporated entity (for example, a Limited Company) and operates their business through it.


What is an CSP?
CSP stands
for Client Support Professional. What that means is an individual who has gone through the initial assessment steps (detailed in the What does the Admissions process involve section, below) and who has successfully completed the CSP101 Basic Certification program. Once an individual has CSP Certification it means they are ready to select and/or be matched with a client that has current openings available.


Which companies will my business have the opportunity to service?
Our client portfolio includes a diverse group of companies representing different industries of which many are Fortune 500 companies.  Arise clients represent the following industries: telecommunications, hospitality and roadside assistance, just to name a few!


How much is the Arise Tech Support Fee?
Arise charges $19.95 to cover the cost to offer support to every CSP.



For any questions email Staff@StaticAgents.com


Last updated: Tuesday, October 25, 2016